April 2015  
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Our Mission is to teach basic academic skills, social skills and life skills that will empower the students to become life-long learners, as well as, responsible and productive citizens in the 21st century as demonstrated by academic testing and observed by acceptable social behavior and healthy attitudes.

What's Happening  

-Mr. Jason Burgess and his WQTR Tiger Radio staff, along with Two Bits and Tassie Bell, descended on East Hardin Elementary on Friday, March 13th to help us celebrate "Read Across America Day." They visited each classroom in grades PK-2 and read to each class. This is the fifth year for them to visit East Hardin carrying on a tradition established by the late Mr. Jim Winborn. The students are always excited to see them, and we thank them for coming again. Click here to view pictures from the fun day. 

-The school calendar for the 2015-16 school year was approved by the Hardin County Board of Education at their monthly meeting at East Hardin. This will give everyone the opportunity to make plans for the coming school year. Click here to view the calendar for 2015 - 2016. 

-Check out our March breakfast and lunch menus under the "Lunch" tab. We encourage each student to eat breakfast and lunch everyday. There is no charge for students. Visitors price for lunch is $2.50. We welcome and invite you to come eat lunch with your child. 

-Congratulations to our two fifth grade spellers who represented East Hardin in the County Spelling Bee on February 5th at Parris South. Madison Hardin and Ella Hansing are pictured with librarian Denise Phillips who served as a judge. Ella finished in 2nd place (runner-up) and Madison placed 10th. We are so proud of them! Click here to view a picture of Madison and Ella with Mrs. Denise Phillips. 

-Our students at East Hardin Elementary will be taking a field trip on Thursday, March 12th for Pre-K through 2nd grade and Friday, March 13th for 3rd through 5th grade to reward them for their good behavior the third 9 weeks. Students with five or less infraction slips and no office referrals will be invited to attend the bowling alley. The trip is FREE and will include unlimited bowling. Please encourage your child to have good behavior at school so they can attend the field trip. 

-East Hardin fourth grade Reading/Language Arts teacher April Bales recently taught her classes not how to "Walk Like an Egyptian" as the Bangles wanted us to in 1986, but how to "Write Like an Egyptian" using hieroglyphics. The students recently read, "Seeker of Knowledge", a story about a man who deciphered hieroglyphics. She extended the study of this biography into having each student develop their own hieroglyphics of the individual letters of their name. The drawing of each student was then entered into a Scholastic Reading Club Hieroglyph Contest. Mrs. Bales used this avenue to cover creative writing with her students as they prepare for the upcoming TCAP writing assessment, which will be administered to all students in grades 3 through 11 across the county and state during the month of February. "The students enjoyed the opportunity to show their creative writing skills as they learned more about how others wrote in ancient times."- According to Bales. Click here to view a picture. 

-East Hardin is sponsoring a World's Finest Chocolate Sale as one of its fundraising projects. With your help and enthusiasm, we hope to raise money to buy needed materials. Students should have let their homeroom teachers know if they wanted to participate in the chocolate sell.  The chocolate bars are $1.00 each. All chocolate checked out to you is your responsibility. Chocolate cannot be returned for credit. All money must be turned in by Friday, February 6 to qualify for any prizes. It would be helpful if you could send large bills or checks when turning in money. Please do not send chance. The prizes are as follows...
Sell 1 box (60 bars)= Drawing for a 5lb World's Finest Chocolate Bar with Almonds 
Sell 2 boxes= Receive the above and attend the Ice Cream Party
Top seller over $400= Principal for the Day 
Top overall seller= Earns $50.00 (minimum of 5 boxes sold) 
2nd place seller= Earns $30.00
3rd place seller= Earns $20.00

-On Tuesday, January 20, 16 of East Hardin's best spellers got together for the annual Spelling Bee in the school gym with the right to advance to the County Spelling Bee on the line. Each class in grades 3 through 5 sent their top two spellers. After several grueling rounds in front of their peers and several visitors, 5th graders Ella Hansing and Madison Hardin emerged victorious by taking 1st and 2nd place. They both advance to participate at Parris South on Thursday, February 5th. We are proud of all of the participants and wish Ella and Madison the best in the County Spelling Bee. (Our thanks to Denise Phillips, Librarian, for coordinating this event and to D.Long and Co. for supplying the trophies.) Each child received a monetary award and a certificate of participation from the school. Click here to view a picture of all participants. Click here to view a picture of 1st and 2nd place winners, Ella Hansing and Madison Hardin. 

-Kindergarten students at East Hardin Elementary have been recently learning about the letter "Hh" in Reading. After studying many words and activities involving H, the children concluded the week with a "Hilarious Hair Day." Teachers and students alike had a fun Friday coming to school wearing spiked, messy, colored or curled hair with ribbons in it. Click here to view a picture of our Hilarious Hair Kindergarteners. 

-A gathering of about 40 friends and family gathered in the East Hardin library after school on Friday, January 30th to celebrate "retirement" with our good friend and co-worker Mrs. Celia White. Mrs. Celia, as everyone liked to call her, worked for 23 years in the Hardin County School System serving in various roles beginning as a teacher's aide and ultimately a custodian at Whites Elementary, Walnut Grove Elementary, and most recently East Hardin Elementary. We will miss her sweet smile, her attention to detail, and her willingness to do whatever was necessary each and every day to make East Hardin look its best for our students, teachers, and the community as a whole. She always exemplified hard work and daily lived the quote that was on her shirt today, "I Love My Job." Celia received several mementoes and cards from those in attendance acknowledging her many years of service. We are glad to have had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Celia, and wish her and her husband Jerry the best during their retirement years together. Click here to view picture. 

-Shoparoo: The grade with the most points at the end of each month this year will receive a prize. The winners so far have received a Popsicle and Chip party. Follow the steps below to get started with Shoparoo. 
1. Download the free Shoparoo app on your smart phone, tablet, etc. from the Apple App Store or Google Store. 
2. Once it's downloaded, select our school and your grade of choice. Then, take pictures of the receipts! 
3. Invite other parents and members of the community to participate in this simple fundraiser. 

-Mr. Jerry White of Magical Educational Entertainment presented a magic show to grades PK-2 and CDC on Tuesday, January 6th. The program, "Let's Make Litter Disappear" was a presentation of ideas teaching students how to keep our world Litter-Free. This exciting show demonstrated simple actions, that when started today, will result in a cleaner tomorrow. The program was sponsored by the Hardin County Solid Waste Department and the T.D.O.T. Litter Grant. 

-Thirty one readers reach their goal of 40 points or more by Christmas! These students celebrated by attending an AR pizza party and watching a movie in the library. Congratulations! Click here to view all of the students who attended the pizza party and completed this goal! 

-East Hardin students presented, "Christmas Around the World" to overflowing crowds on Tuesday, December 15. The students and teachers did an excellent job. Thank you for coming out and supporting them! Click here to view a picture of the crowd at the program! 

-East Hardin welcomed the Hardin County Board of Education and Director of Schools, Mr. Davis, on Tuesday night for the December board meeting. After viewing a video that stressed the importance of the Arts in school and the positive effects that its exposure can have on students, the Board became students on more time as they reconvened in the art room and participated in a condensed art lesson concerning visual and tactile texture conducted by Mrs. Becky Carter. Each board member was then presented with an ornament that was previously made by students. Also, to conclude their visit, each board member and the director of schools were presented with their own personalized masterpiece drawn and presented by different East Hardin art students. A fun time was had by all. Click here to view pictures from the board meeting. 

-EHES fifth graders graduated from the D.A.R.E. program on Tuesday, December 16. Officer Derrick Frazier presented 66 students with diplomas signifying course completion.  D.A.R.E.'s primary mission is to provide children with the information and skills they need to live drug-and-violence free lives. The mission is to equip kids with the tools that will enable them to avoid negative influences and instead, allow them to focus on their strengths and potential. And, that's exactly what D.A.R.E. is designed to do. Additionally, it establishes positive relationships between students and law enforcement, teachers, parents and other community leaders. Every youngster should have the opportunity to grow up healthy, safe, secure and equipped with the skills needed to succeed in life. Contemporary America, however, is rampant with challenges that could keep children from a positive life path. We congratulate our fifth graders on their accomplishment and wish them well as they begin that journey. Click here to view a picture of the 5th grade D.A.R.E. graduates. 

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