July 2015  
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Our Mission is to teach basic academic skills, social skills and life skills that will empower the students to become life-long learners, as well as, responsible and productive citizens in the 21st century as demonstrated by academic testing and observed by acceptable social behavior and healthy attitudes.

What's Happening  

-We are very proud of both of our bowling teams as the boys and girls both placed second in the county as tournament play ended. The players, coaches, and fans represented EHES in the best way by showing great effort and sportsmanship. WAY TO GO, EHES TIGERS! Click here to see pictures of our bowling team! 

-Paige Neill presented Nurse Hilary Hinton with a proclamation honoring her on School Nurses Day. We are honored and thankful to have Nurse Hilary working with us at East Hardin! Thank you for all that you do. Click here to view picture. 

-The Pre-K had Muffins with Mom at East Hardin on Friday, May 8th. We were so proud to see so many mom's eating muffins with their little muffins at East Hardin. As you can see, a huge turnout! We thank you all who attended.  Click here to view pictures from the day. 

-East Hardin students in grades 3-5 were rewarded on May 8th for doing their best on the recent TCAP test. Students in K-2 were rewarded for their good behavior while the test was being administered. A fun day was had by all. We thank our activity teachers and support staff for helping with this activity! Click here to view pictures from the fun day! 

-5th grade students at East Hardin have been working hard researching various countries during their library classes in the last few months. Students worked in groups to locate information about the countries such as how the schools are different from ours, what foods the people eat, holidays and traditions, sports and leisure activities, and places to visit. They also researched a famous person from the country and gathered basic facts about the country. They decorated the outside of their posters with the flag and name of their country. Students used various reference sources such as atlases, encyclopedias, almanacs, non-fictions books and web sites. The students will share their projects with their classmates and students in others grades during library class next week. We would like to thank Mrs. Denice for leading this project and for this report. The project will remain on display throughout next week if you would like to stop by the school and view it. Click here to view some of the projects. 

-Students who achieved Honor Roll status were recently honored at a small ceremony in the gym and presented with a small token of our appreciation. We are proud of each one of them for their hard work and dedication. Each student in attendance was encouraged to always do their best. Way to go, Tigers! 

-Leigh Cary and Boo Bear visited with students in grades PK-2nd on Friday, April 10th, to stress the importance of knowing the E-911 rules and how to properly apply them. The students learned to stay calm, to never hang up, and not to make prank calls. After correctly answering several questions regarding different scenarios, each student "high-fived" Boo Bear as they exited the gym. Also, each student received a package with 911 information and a bracelet to serve as a reminder of how to reply in emergency situations. Click here to view pictures from the day. 

-Several more students have qualified for the National Physical Fitness Award or the Presidential Physical Fitness Award during the 3rd Nine-Weeks. As always, this is not an easy feat as students must score at or above the 50th percentile on all 5 activities to achieve National status and at or above the 85th percentile on all 5 activities to achieve Presidential status. Also, both awards may be obtained in the same year. There are several other students who are almost ready to qualify. Congratulations to all of our award winners and special thanks to Mr. Kristy Barlow for helping each student to become more physically fit. Keep up the great work! Click here to view winners from this 9 weeks. 

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